Hello! I'm Your Healing Friend, and I'm here to bring you Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing that is accessible, simple and effective.

Healing Friend


Trapped Emotions

Our "negative" experiences, though invaluable for building wisdom, can get trapped in our physical and mental bodies, causing undue stress, anxiety, paranoia, etc. As we accumulate these experiences, we find ourselves becoming more and more shut off, shut down or shut out from life. We might sense ourselves becoming numb or distant, reactive or silenced with age. By identifying and releasing these hindering trapped emotions, we can begin to more fully live our lives and embrace our highest potential. Many find that old hobbies, skills or interests come back, that it making friends comes more naturally, or that it's just easier to get out of bed in the morning


Inherited Traumas

We fear turning into our parents because we watch them repeat the same negative cycles of behavior our whole lives. Unfortunately, we oftentimes end up making the exact same decisions and mistakes they did. As my own healer said to me, "If you spot it, you got it." Chances are, you inherited their "stuff". And in many cases, so did they, so we shouldn't blame them. When you heal an inherited trapped emotion, it not only gets released from you, but also from your parents and whoever else inherited it from them. You may be indirectly healing your distant family members by delving into your family's emotional history. The cycles of trauma stop with you



When we feel intensely emotional pain or distress, our heart can be injured, hurt or broken. To protect ourselves going forward, our hearts put up an abstract, energetic wall built from the trapped frequencies of your most hindering emotional wounds. It feels like being at an involuntary distance from others, like you're constantly carrying a broken heart, feeling disconnected, numb, sad, suffocated or like you are on the outside looking in at life. Unfortunately, the Heart-Wall doesn't dissolve on its own, even when we don't need it anymore. The good news is that we can release it, one layer, one emotion at a time, usually not requiring more than six sessions


Physical Aches & Pains

 Lots of people with things like phantom pains, auto-immune issues and chronic diseases cannot locate the cause of their problems, especially when they live healthy, active lifestyles and traditional medicine doesn't help to reverse their symptoms. Many studies in psychology and physical therapies show that negative thoughts and feelings can be a large contributor contribute to disease. While pharmaceuticals and Western treatments are very important and in many cases necessary, integrating a regimen of releasing trapped emotions and reprogramming negative beliefs may improve and expedite the overall results of the physical healing process


The Emotion Code, Reiki & Inner Child Regression Hypnosis Healing
     How energy healing and hypnotherapy works is by disrupting the energetic presence of negative trapped emotional or mental beliefs from past events. I quickly identify and release hidden trapped emotions, negative beliefs and other energetic blocks and restrictions, which are harmful to your ability to align with your natural sense of self and your connection to the world. The best part?
I can do all of this completely remotely.

     Trapped emotions and negative beliefs can cause depression or anxiety; they can block us from allowing ourselves to experience love and happiness, make us feel disconnected from others as well as from ourselves and block our ability to succeed. Since both trapped emotions and negative beliefs are just concentrations of low-vibrational energy in and around the body, they can even influence physical tissues, causing or exasperating acute pain, illness or disease.

Releasing trapped negative emotions and beliefs makes conditions right for the body and mind to heal themselves more easily and appropriately, while emotional difficulties often disappear or become much easier to deal with over time. Once undesired trapped emotions and negative beliefs are identified in a session, they are released completely by disrupting their specific energy field, much like a cell phone can discharge a hotel room key. That particular circuit of feeling or thought is forever broken and released. Released trapped emotions and reprogrammed negative beliefs do not come back, which allows your neural network to rewire itself without the trauma, thereby easing the nervous system and creating more ease and peace in one's life.

About Me



My name is Paige, and I'm a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master, Breath Coach and Hypnotherapist in San Jose, CA. I grew up an "undiagnosed" empath. In order to fit in, I assimilated in a way I did not align with, as many of us do when we are young in order to fit in. I eventually had an experience in my late teens that left me hopelessly broken, after which I searched tirelessly for a way back to myself, the person I never fully got to become. I attended seminars, enrolled in online programs, meditated longer and longer every day and looked to various spiritualists for answers or guidance. Finally, an old friend of mine referred her remote energy healer to me, a practitioner of The Emotion Code. Initially I was quite skeptical, but after my third session, not only was I convinced, I was hooked. After almost a decade, I had finally found what I had been searching for, a holistic way to shift into a greater, happier version of myself, the person I always knew myself to be. Now here I am, giving back the methods that completely changed my life. My goal is to synthesize science, psychology & somatic healing in order to empower people to finally release what keeps them from freely living their greatest joy and authenticity.

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Getting Help

We're all human. Scratch that. We are all source consciousness living a human experience. It's important to thank our pain for the lessons it imparts to and for the opportunities it provides to grow, but we shouldn't have to carry it around with us everywhere we go. If you experience chronic manifestations of any of the emotions below, chances are you're carrying baggage that is just too heavy. I can help you with that.




Low Self-Esteem





I just woke up feeling differently. People tell me I seem happier

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