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Rapid Transformational Therapy, The Emotion Code & Reiki

Healing Friend

My name is Paige, and I help people regain their self-esteem/confidence, heal from trauma, lose weight, support addiction cessation, and lots more through rapidly locating and isolating faulty core beliefs stemming back into early childhood through hypnosis. We then program in the client's new preferred belief and create a bespoke 20 minute audio that is to be listened to for 21+ days to rewire the brain to the new, belief system for positive growth/change -- and all my services can be done remotely!

About Me



My name is Paige, and I'm a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master, Breath Coach and Hypnotherapist in San Jose, CA. Growing up, I assimilated in a way I did not align with, as many of us do when we are young, in order to fit in. I eventually had an experience in my late teens that left me hopelessly broken, after which I searched tirelessly for a way back to myself, the person I never fully got to become. I attended seminars, enrolled in online programs, meditated longer and longer every day and looked to various spiritualists for answers or guidance. Finally, an old friend of mine referred her Emotion Code Practitioner. Initially I was quite skeptical, but after my third session, not only was I convinced, I was hooked. After almost a decade, I had finally found what I had been searching for, a holistic way to shift into a greater, happier version of myself, the person I always knew myself to be. Now here I am, giving back the methods that completely changed my life. My goal is to synthesize science, modern psychology & somatic healing in order to empower people to finally release what keeps them from freely living their greatest joy and authenticity.

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Therapy Sessions

Getting Help

We're all human. It's important to thank our pain for the lessons it imparts to and for the opportunities it provides to grow, but we shouldn't have to carry it around with us everywhere we go. If you experience chronic manifestations of any of the issues below, chances are you're carrying subconscious baggage that is just too heavy. I can help you with that.





Low Self-Esteem/Negative self-talk


Depression/Low Motivation



Interrealtional Problems

I just woke up feeling differently. People tell me I seem happier

Sean O. Heart-Wall client


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