How Does Being Psychic Work?

Since I was a little kid, I had a knack for perceiving things that others couldn't...or that I wasn't supposed to. One time, when my mom's family secretly came into town for her 40th birthday, I was 8 years old, I somehow guessed that where Dad was sneakily taking my me and my brothers had to do with my cousin Jack. I wasn't even really trying to guess. I was in the backseat, just wondering where we were going and I thought of my cousin Jack who I hadn't seen in at least 2 years. So I said, "Does this have to do with cousin Jack?" I'll never forget the look Dad gave me. He turned around in the drivers seat, silently looked at me for a moment, and went back to driving without answering my question. What a lawyer. My life has been riddled with instances like this, where I've just kind of known or sensed something that ended up being exactly right. So, what is it exactly to be psychic?

First off, I think everybody is psychic. Imagine there were a sort of an etheric internet we could all tap into with our consciousness whenever we wanted. I call it "Source Consciousness", others call it "God", "Christ Consciousness" or "The Universe". All you'd have to do is quiet your mind, tune in to the situation in question, be specific about what information you're looking for (NOT THE ANSWER YOU THINK YOU WANT) and let the words and images flow into your consciousness without judgment. If you hear your answer, you're clairaudient. Seeing the answer makes you clairvoyant, feeling your answer makes you clairsentient. I'm mostly clairsentient, secondarily clairaudient/clairvoyant. It's like using your mind like a radio dial, except instead of Kiss FM or NPR, you're tuning into the answers you're looking for via the mind. Pretty neat. A good psychic knows how to suspend themselves and tune in objectively, a bad psychic projects their own reality or expectations onto the signal. There are lots of intuitive people who believe that they are good psychics, but they actually just superimpose their own realities onto others. These people tend to be very reactive, controlling and fearful. They do NOT receive accurate information and are typically left with more questions than answers.

Second, in my experience, being psychic is not a perfect science most of the time. Very rarely can somebody predict EVERYTHING EXACTLY, unless they have truly refined their abilities. Over the years, I have met three such psychics, but there are LOTS of charlatans out there. The most legit psychics

1.) have reasonable rates

2.) are humble and direct with their message

3.) never try to upsell you (pro tip: if they try to sell you something like a "blessed" potion or crystal, they're not legit...ESPECIALLY if they use scare tactics in their reading to get you to buy something).

4.) don't employ scare tactics to make you reliant upon them

5.) have nothing to prove

Legit psychics also let you record them most of the time if you ask. Recording is great because we oftentimes misremember what we thought we heard or was said, but when you have a recording you can refer back to, you find that the most minute phrasing is what makes the reading so accurate. For example, my first experience with a psychic, he told me that X was going to come back into my life soon. He said, "You're going to go out with him a couple of times, a few times, then you're going to remember what you didn't like about him." I called bullshit. It had been over a year since we had communicated and I didn't expect anything from him anytime soon. I even deleted X's number that day so I wouldn't be tempted to create the situation. Two weeks later, I got a text, "Hey, are you in town?" from an unknown number. I replied, "Who is this?" then asked my friends Courtney and Elizabeth if they knew that number. As they checked their phones, Courtney said, "what if it's X?!" I froze. I suddenly remembered his number. It was X. We went out THREE TIMES before I remembered what I didn't like about him. Like, the exact reason we broke up was recreated on our third outing together. So not "a couple of times" it was indeed "a few".

Timing is a big thing that everybody always wants to know the answer to as well. "When is ______ going to happen?" The problem with asking about timing is that time is a construct of linear third dimensional thinking, but Source Consciousness does not abide by the constructs of time. Everything exists all at once, so oftentimes asking about timing is like asking Amazon when something will arrive that you haven't taken the steps to order yet, or maybe there's a metaphorical shipping delay because other things have to happen before you can receive what you're asking for. It's best to just trust. If you want something to happen soon, you can tap into Source Consciousness daily and ask it to provide the guidance you need in order to make that thing happen by a certain time, but then you have to follow the signposts and do it. We are co-creating reality, so it's always a dialog.

Oftentimes, I think things are hidden from us purposefully, too. It's always easy for me to predict things for other people, but not so much for myself all the time. Ultimately, I think this is a good thing. Seeing too far into my future would keep me from living in the moment, and I don't believe that being psychic should take you out of the process of fully engaging with/living your life. This is what happens with people who become addicted to tarot readings and psychic predictions -- they fall into a loop of being a victim of possible realities instead of choosing the reality they want to create and taking the necessary steps. Since I can't always predict for myself, I like to ask to be shown confirmation of my choices. For example, during my meditation in the morning, I can tap into Source Consciousness and say, "hey, if I'm on the right path, show me a blue butterfly today," then during my day, I'll look in the window of a jewelry store and there will happen to be a necklace with a blue butterfly on it, or my mom will send me a text with a blue butterfly emoji out of the blue. It's easy to chalk things up as coincidence, but where's the fun in that? Trust when the signs come.

So that's that, puppies. Comment below your psychic experiences/moments! I'd love to hear from y'all <3

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