Rapid Transformational Therapy: What It Is and How It Works

I have always been obsessed with how to "just feel better". When I was young, it was my youth group at church who taught me to love everybody. I had a good couple years there. Then in High School, it was being around my theatre friends. We were smart, goofy, uncool and free. I had a place where I was unconditionally loved and accepted. Not to mention that by high school, my class had already gotten over the social status stuff, so all 94 of us were homies for the most part. Lots of peace in that. In college however, nothing was familiar. Nobody knew the real me, and nobody really seemed to care unless I somehow offered them something, whether it be support or status...somehow. I was in the deep end by myself: a new group of people, a new educational form, a new identity I did not align with, and absolutely NO time to take care of myself or close friends/mom I could lean on. #conservatorylife. Let's not forget the fact that I was hopelessly broken from a relationship that went completely awry. So I was already pretending to be somebody else anyway because he had wanted me to change so badly.

The somatic work I learned at school is going to get its own blog post one of these days, because it truly threw the doors open on my path to healing, but for now let's just say that learning to let the body speak via acting was pretty transformational. I became obsessed with why and how my body interpreted and responded to text. I'll never forget being completely incapable of getting through one of Juliet's monologues about Love. My body couldn't process how much her words triggered the fresh wounds inside of me. Me, being egotistical and prideful af, used my pain to "act well". And yeah, some of my performances were super raw and truthful. I hold those sweet, transcendent moments close. What I was really doing was torturing myself, reopening my trauma again and again hoping to glean some sort of understanding. Why couldn't I "just feel good".

After moving to L.A. and choosing to live alone, I got down and dirty with my self-awareness, acceptance and healing, eventually learning The Emotion Code and Reiki. The Emotion Code is pretty neat. It releases Trapped Emotions or Energy Blockages from the body by stimulating meridians. You can also find out exactly what those trapped energies are, whether they're thoughts, beliefs, emotions, toxins, misalignments, etc, and when in your life they occurred. Reiki is a Japanese modality that sends pure, positive energy through the body in order to clear, purify and soothe. Reiki energy is intelligent energy that cannot be tainted or manipulated, so it's basically like sending a super potent blessing. I have had insanely profound experiences with both and it's an honor to be able to offer these to others. I wish Energy Medicine were more openly practiced and legitimized by the medical community. Honestly, so many medical professionals are aware of how powerful prayer, faith and energy is, but refuse to talk about it. Some hospitals even employ Energy Workers on the down-low. I'm not kidding.

Here is the problem with America in this moment in history: we have prioritized the intellect to the point of imbalance. We have a mental health CRISIS and it's because we have neglected, even sometimes demonized true emotional and physical wellness, without which dynamic, lasting happiness is impossible. Yes, you can reprogram thoughts with The Emotion Code, and yes Reiki soothes your nervous system, but singular thoughts are the size of a PHOTON...because thoughts ARE photons. Do you know how much reprogramming of singular thoughts it takes to make you a completely different person? YEARS, puppies. True holistic change has to come with changing your BELIEFS, because it is your BELIEFS that inform the singular thoughts you think all day, every day, which is about 60,000.

Welcome, Rapid Transformational Therapy, aka MY FAVORITE THING, developed by celebrity therapist Marisa Peer. The way it works is by going into a state of theta hypnosis, which is the state we're in at REM. When you're in theta, your mind is extremely suggestible. We spend the first 5-7 years of life in theta because our rational mind has not developed yet. So, when we experience "trauma" (which is just negative trapped emotional energy) at this stage of life, it forms subconscious/unconscious beliefs, upon which we form our thoughts and eventually our identities. So we go into theta wherein our nervous system is relaxed enough for us to be able to access our subconscious/unconscious minds. This is where alllllllll of our memories are stored. I ask the subconscious mind to take the client into three scenes all having to do with the root cause and reason for their issue (anxiety, chronic pain, low self-esteem, etc.) and we discover the faulty core belief that was created at the time of the event and how the three scenes all correlate with one another and contribute to the issue today. Then we deconstruct the faulty belief so the client understands it, forgives the event/themselves, and reprogram. Each client gets a bespoke audio hypnosis that they listen to for 10-21 days to rewire the brain to think different thoughts based upon newly programmed positive BELIEFS. So instead of reprogramming each thought individually, we're reprogramming the brain to think differently. Complete transformation only takes 1-3 sessions and a commitment to listening to the audio. Pretty freaking cool.

I've done quite a few sessions with people, and what I've noticed the most is that the people who pay get the most out of it. Because they are the most committed to change, they are willing to give the service value, and it show in their results. My friends who I've done free sessions on usually aren't putting in the energy of commitment or value so they don't get much in return. Money is energy, y'all. If you don't give something value, you don't get value from it.

I'm a true believer in healing via nature, organic food, alkaline water, positive thinking and healthy relationships. There is definitely a place for pharmaceuticals, but in my opinion, as a last resort. If you tend equally to your mind, body and heart, you will instinctively know what you need to heal and find the best means for you to do it. I'm here for the mental and emotional stuff, puppies. You know where to find me.

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