What Does Astrology Have to Do With Anything?

We all know the Moon affects the ocean's tides, but did you know that lobsters are most active on Full Moons? I didn't until I started dating a spear fisherman. He is constantly checking the Moon cycles, weather and tides for visibility and chop because it directly affects his ability to hunt and what will be available to him on any given day or night. So, if the Moon's relative position and reflection in the sky can affect the behavior of lobsters, why wouldn't it have an effect on human behavior? After all, like the ocean, we are mostly made up of water, too. Ladies, we know how the Moon affects us on a monthly basis. Even the word "lunatic" is an acknowledgement that the Moon has an effect on human behavior. To me the fact of the matter is, to deny that planetary bodies have an effect on life on this planet is as narrow-minded as the belief that we're alone in the universe. Why wouldn't the laws of physics apply to our collective relationship to the heavenly megaliths or gas giants we share our solar system with?

What I think is fascinating is the fact that each planet, star, node or comet embodies a certain archetype or energy. Jupiter represents luck and expansion, Mercury communication and creative expression, Venus love, beauty and money, etc. The same way colors seem to illicit feeling, our celestial brothers and sisters illicit emotion and behavior on our planet via their energetic reverberations through the cosmos. No wonder astrology is as old as mankind -- it is a way to relate to and understand our greater context in the universe. We're all stardust, right?

So, why am I, an energy healer, talking about astrology? Because it is an extraordinarily useful tool when it comes to self-empowerment and shadow work. If you are aware of what is going on astrologically and how it translates to your individual cosmic blueprint, you are equipped with the ability to apply the energies that be to gain greater control and understanding of your life. For example, as a Cancer Moon, if I know that there is a Full Moon in Cancer happening, I know that I should focus on releasing emotions that no longer serve me and focus on my self-care on those days. Or, conversely, if Mars is in Aries, I am going to have a difficult time expressing my anger in a healthy way during that time because it is squaring my natal Mars, which means there is tension in that aspect of my personal natal chart.

For me, any "negative" energy that comes up during complicated personal transits is an opportunity for me to go within and discover what needs to be healed. If you step back and observe how the universal energies shift and how you're affected, it can almost become a game. You can use it to constantly level up your self-awareness and expansion, not to mention, capitalize on energy for manifestation.

Basically, Astrology is like the weather. If you know it's raining outside and you know that your hair gets frizzy in the rain, you're not going to waste your energy straightening your hair in the morning, right? Same goes for understanding and applying the information in your natal chart. If you have the right tools, you don't have to be a victim to the energies of the universe. The same way my partner has fostered an understanding and respect for the ocean, by understanding your natal chart, you are empowered to create and nurture a relationship with the cosmos. That's pretty cool if you ask me.

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