What I Do: Part 1

Alright, alright now that you all know me via my pardon tales of previous-Paige's yore, now I guess I should probably get into what I do, starting with the healing modality that started it all: The Emotion Code. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, the Emotion Code is a somatic healing technique that releases singular, minute trapped energies from the body, which include negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions by singling them out individually, bringing them to the forefront of the client's consciousness and releasing them permanently by stimulating the governing meridian which runs along the spine. The stimulation breaks the chain of energy between the brain and the body that the thought/emotion/belief typically follows. Trapped thoughts/beliefs are lighter in density than emotions, so they are typically less impactful on the client's well-being than trapped emotions. Clearing negative thoughts/beliefs is important, but training your thoughts patterns to be habitually positive is more impactful and efficient in the long-run, which is why I offer hypnosis as well. Clearing Trapped Emotions also includes that which was inherited, as well as energy that has been absorbed from/shared with one's surroundings. Any energy shared with/absorbed from another gets cleared from all parties involved. You may clear something inherited from a parent, but it also gets cleared from any other family member who inherited/absorbed that line of energy, too. Pretty neat.

How it works is my client will call me at out chosen appointment time, I will ask them what they want to work on, then I will receive or not their energy body's permission to be proxy, which allows me to essentially "try on" their energy field. Sometimes I call it "energy screen-sharing". Oftentimes I will feel something immediately, like pressure in my forehead or tension in my knee, which I verbalize to my client. Most of the time, they are experiencing exactly what I'm describing ("I have a headache" or "That knee gives me trouble every day"). Typically whatever comes up is what wants to be released or is somehow related to what my client wants to work on.

Then we get into it. I ask my client's psychically "yes" or "no" questions and follow a digital flow chart to the source of the problem. Sometimes the problems have associated issues, like it could be a Physical Misalignment that is exasperated by a Trapped Emotion that became stuck in the client's field when they were seven years old. Or maybe their Heart is communicating "Sorrow" from the age of twenty-one, which is associated with the Post -hypnotic Suggestion of "I'll never be loved" from age eleven which is associated with a Physical Trauma from age eleven. The energy body is a crazy, intricate web, a million times more individual than a finger print. For example, when I worked on my father issues, I was instructed to quit coffee and naturally gave up nicotine...both of which happen to be my father's vices. When I worked with a client on her sexual assault, her monthly cycle returned, healthy and regular, something she hadn't even communicated to me was an issue.

I can also locate and release Toxins & Pathogens in the body, reset the Circuits and Systems of the body, and fix Physical Misalignments, as well as release Trapped disruptive Energies. Sometimes when I locate Trapped Energy, an image comes along with it, either to the client or to myself, in which case I verbalize it to the client. Typically the image means something or represents something to them. If something comes to their mind, I assume it's somehow related. It's not necessary really to know why or how, but some clients like to do some detective work. I keep doing this process until the body tells me that there is nothing left to address in the session, which is usually around 45 minutes. Then I ask what the client needs to integrate the work we've done, like foods, types of exercise, body work, essential oils, etc. I send them a report of what we worked on together and that's that! Some sessions are groundbreaking, some sessions are relatively relaxed.

The Emotion Code was the modality my friend Ami Park of Awakened Joy referred me to that sunny day in Los Angeles. Like I previously mentioned, I was definitely skeptical and waited awhile before making an appointment. I definitely trusted Ami and her results, but I wasn't sure whether they were psychosomatic or if this phone witch was legitimately altering matter, even at the most infinitesimal levels of thought. I had to try and I had the money, so I did it. I committed myself to three sessions, promising myself that if nothing happened, that would be fine and I would continue to search for answers elsewhere. I said nothing during my sessions. I gave my healer NOTHING to go off of when we had our first three calls. I really wanted her to dazzle me. She didn't, she just listed and explained what she was finding and what age it occurred, etc. until the end of my third session. We were wrapping up and she relayed to me what Nutrition and Lifestyle choices would help me integrate the healing, when she said somewhat confused and surprised, "What is your diet?" "I dunno," I replied. "Normal, I guess?" She got quiet. "You're not a raw vegan, are you?" "No, I'm not." Another pause. I didn't know where she was going with this. She asked, "Okay, what did you eat this morning?" I told her I had eaten yogurt with granola. "Huh. Well, I don't really understand why, but I'm getting that your body is too alkaline." ...first of all, for your body to be "too alkaline", you have to either have an INSANE raw, vegan diet which I definitely did/do not, or you must be mainlining alkaline water, which would be a crazy expensive habit...unless you have an Enagic Kangen Water filtration system. I have said system. What a ballsy thing for her to just throw out there, especially after I told her I had just eaten freakin' YOGURT. I was convinced. In fact, I was blown away.

After that, I was a believer. Our sessions became a weekly occurrence, and bit by bit, I began to feel myself coming back into my body. I began to remember what I felt like on my best days as a kid and to embody those feelings once again, that lightness of being. I started hitting up friends, making plans, getting out there, enjoying my life in a sustained pattern for the first time since high school. I got up at six every day, meditated, took bike rides to the beach, listened to happy music and just enjoyed what it felt like to be back, to love myself again. Right before Christmas vacation, my healer told me that I should let the work integrate for the entirety of the next coming year and that after that, we would need only the occasional session together. I respected her instructions, but inside I felt NOOOOOOOO!! We had done twenty sessions together, and I wasn't ready to stop. However, I did appreciate the proof that she wasn't a charlatan who made a living duping vulnerable, fragile people. I agreed and continued to live my life.

That week I was invited by my friend to come up to her new boyfriend's family property in the Santa Cruz Mountains with a group of couples for New Years. The old me would not have gone. I would not have felt safe or comfortable, especially with this particular crew of Hollywood people I didn't know very well. But I agreed, caught a ride up, and actually ended up having a stellar time. I liked being the only single person there and just enjoyed being around people again, something I had avoided since the cult college. That night, I witnessed the CRAZIEST shooting star out the window and the next morning, the morning of December 30th, while I was on the phone with a friend, I had the strangest feeling. "I don't know why, Selima," I said, "but I have a weird feeling somethings coming. Like something is going to happen tonight. I don't know what that is, I am on top of a mountain so it doesn't make sense, but I can feel it." That night, Geoff came into my life, kicking the door open, arms full of salsa fixins. The next phase of my healing was about to begin.

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