Why Heal?

Healing is not as simple or straightforward as you might think. You don't just do one session. You don't just trust in a singular modality. You don't just clear limiting energies one time and level up to Beyonce-level heights overnight. Because a LOT, like A LOT, of your trapped energies, you're actually afraid to release, you actually BENEFIT FROM and LIKE. Why would you LIKE something that keeps you small or unhappy, that holds you back? Because it keeps you safe, puppies. Being judgmental makes you feel superior to others. Having unhealthy habits makes you feel good in the moment you're participating. Hiding who you really are protects you from social persecution. So, when you undergo the Healing process, you are only able to release

1.) that which you become aware of

2.) that which you are actually ready to let go of

People call this part of Healing "The Shadow Work" and it can be kind of gnarly. It requires you stop making excuses for why you do what you do and actually taking accountability for the ways in which you are not being your best, most authentic self (who is actually your most happy and abundant self 👀). How does that happen? Scenarios have to play out. You have to let these not-so-pretty aspects of you be reflected back to you via engagement with other people and life, then you have to be willing to do something about them. So, how do you know you have something to Heal? YOU GET TRIGGERED. When you experience getting *TRIGGERED* by something, it is a gift because you become aware of what you need to look at more closely and address about yourself. It sucks sometimes, to realize that you're the toxic one or that you are the aspect of the situation that is making it worse or that you perpetuate the same cycles of misery you want so badly to blame on the world. So, the key is to do it with RADICAL self-love and acceptance, like you would have wanted your parents to have spoken to you in childhood. Since our society teaches us to be perfectionistic and invulnerable, first you have to acknowledge and accept that you aren't perfect or completely faultless before you can have the grace with yourself to be honest and take accountability -- to actually Heal.

There is another problem with Healing. Usually, the people you're surrounded by on some level don't want you to get better. People don't like change, it's in our DNA to like what is familiar, and as a tribal species, we find comfort in stable social dynamics. Becoming a better version of yourself usually upsets the paradigms of those around you because you become a reflection of what they need to Heal, and people realllyyyyy don't like to be triggered that way. When you begin to change, to become who you REALLY are, this is when people begin to laugh at you, to talk about you behind your back, to try to control you. Watching you level-up makes them feel inferior or inadequate, which oftentimes looks like calling you "arrogant", "selfish" or "better than". Sometimes the people who we thought loved us the most and wanted the best for us are the ones who try to keep us the same, which can be a painful realization. When your best friend or parent scoffs at your attempts to grow and get better, it can be very shocking and hurtful. Healing is not for the faint of heart.

So, like, why go through the Healing process if it's so long, arduous and painful? Because it is necessary for the evolution of humankind. Those of us who are committed to becoming better people are going to create a generation of better people and so on. If we want social justice, equality and world peace, we have to start with ourselves.


If that is not inspiring or motivating enough, how about how Healing amplifies and perfects our desired results via The Law of Attraction? Now, I've got your attention.

I'm sure most if not all of you reading this are familiar with the concepts of Manifestation and The Law of Attraction. So let me put this in terms of Healing: if you are not your best self, are you going to attract what is best for you? HELL TO THE NO. You're just not. You may think marrying the son of the wealthiest family in town is going to make you happy, that being famous is going to make you feel the love you've always wanted. Unless you are legitimately One with your most authentic self, shining your individual light on this world from a place of radical self-love and acceptance, these external things are just bandaids...and bandaids eventually fall off.

You will always want for more, more status, more money, more attention as if those are the things you want when in reality, you just want to feel like you're enough. Period. That is all we want as humans. And that is what Healing offers us. If you are One with your Higher Self, if you are living what is legitimately You, the Real You, then what you want will be aligned with you enough for you to attract it. Make sense? It is your job to break free from the constraints of what others want FROM you and to become the version of you that OFFERS YOUR specific gifts, shines YOUR specific light on the world. We need you. Be the hero you needed as a kid fearlessly and authentically and you will receive everything you could ever dream of. Moreover, you will be happy with or without all the "stuff" that you think you want. But first you gotta be fearless and gritty enough to get there.

You do not have to be vegan, live in a commune, or have spiritual beliefs to Heal. In fact, I'm here to prove that Healing transcends looking like a specific thing. I like nice things, I like champagne, I like enjoying money. Those are aspects of our world and there is no problem with appreciating them as long as I don't place my happiness and value in their presence in my life. If we were meant to be without material, we wouldn't be living in a third dimensional reality. If Healing meant we would all give up pleasure and turn into homogenous monks with the same belief system, our individual truth, gifts, beauty and humanity would be tragically lost, suppressed under the guise of transcendentalism. We would add no richness to this life, there would be no evolution. What would be the point?

Whatever you love, whatever you're into, that's exactly who you are supposed to be. You have an obligation to shine your individual light and inspire others to do the same. But, there is nothing wrong with "being normal," which I define as being somebody who has no interest in self-development, somebody who is just living life the way we were prescribed as children without questioning any of it. That's totally chill and nobody is better or worse than anybody else. Truly. We are all just doing our best and trying to keep our nervous systems chill, amiright? If it makes somebody happy to stay in the matrix, assume that is their highest truth because who knows, maybe it is. There is no place for spiritual arrogance on the path to radical self-love/acceptance because any judgments we have towards others are held against ourselves, too. It is safer for A LOT of people to do as they're told, and I respect the hell out of that. However, as my favorite movie Rushmore quotes: "When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself" - Jacques Cousteau. If you have always felt different, like you're destined for greatness, like there is a You inside that is dying to be seen and make an impact, the Healing path is for you.

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